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Ourso Beychok, Inc. delivers persuasive mail. On Time. On Budget. On Message.


Ourso Beychok, Inc. has worked on hundreds of winning campaigns in more than 20 states. The firm has been named to Campaigns & Elections magazine’s Best Client List.


Ourso Beychok, Inc. has won numerous national and local awards for political persuasion mail, including the prestigious POLLIE Award. Our mail gets read, gets the message to voters in a timely manner and wins campaigns for our clients.


Ourso Beychok, Inc. specializes in helping campaigns target the resources of time, people and money. Written campaign plans, timelines, budgets and schedules are targeted to maximize every available campaign resource.


Ourso Beychok, Inc. works with a campaign to develop a communication strategy that delivers the message. The partners at Ourso Beychok, Inc. work with campaigns and their staff to do what is required to win elections.

About Us

Michael BEYCHOK— Creative Director – Partner As a direct mail consultant for over 20 years, Michael has worked on hundreds of campaigns in dozens of states ranging from U.S. President to City Council. Michael is responsible for the designing and writing of the creative part of the campaign plan as well as having input on the targeting, message development and budget. Michael has been producing POLLIE award winning mail for clients for over 20 years.

Trey OURSO— Senior Political Strategist – Partner Trey Ourso is the former Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party and former National President of the Association of State Democratic Executive Directors where he became the first state party executive director to address a national convention at the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, California. Under his leadership in 1999, Louisiana Democrats maintained control of both chambers of the Louisiana Legislature and won many races up and down the ballot. In February 2010, Trey was named by Politics Magazine as one of the Top 10 Democratic Influencers in Louisiana, and in 2013, he was named by Campaigns & Elections Magazine as one of the top Democratic Influencers in Kansas as part of their national Top 500 Influencers list. He has consulted on hundreds of campaigns in dozens of states over the past 15 years. He helped the Kansas House Democratic Caucus win 13 of 14 targeted races during the 2012 election cycle. Trey was awarded the AAPC Pollie Excellence Award as the 2015 Campaign Strategist of the Year for his work with Gumbo PAC during the Louisiana governor’s race.


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