Ourso Beychok Wins 2019 Reed Awards

If he invited me to a hanging, I'd be on the front row. - Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith
Rise up. Vote.

Overall Category for Best Direct Mail Piece
Best Mail Piece for US Senate – Democratic

Best Mail Piece for Independent Expenditure Campaign – Statewide

Money for Fixing Baton Rouge Roads, New Mental Health Facility OK'd by Voters

"Passing both the MOVEBR and the Mental Health Center tax was especially gratifying because both of these lost 2 years ago so winning was a bit of redemption. Serving as general consultant on both campaigns and working with terrific teams of professionals helped both campaigns win tough elections." - Michael Beychok

My son Brian died from a drug overdose. He was self-medicating the mental illness of addiction. I know the Mental Health Center will save someone's life. Please vote yes on December 8th. - Gwen Knox - Regional Lead/Facilitator - Parents of Addicted Loved Ones - VOTE YES FOR MENTAL HEALTH
We've taken a mental health issue and made it a law enforcement issue. We need a Mental Health Center in East Baton Rouge Parish. - District Attorney Hillar Moore, the 3rd - Vote Yes for Mental Health
Law enforcement officers should spend time here: [on the streets]. Not here: [at the emergency room.]
The MOVEBR proprosition locks the money in for one purpose - reducing traffic.

Doug Jones Wins!

He was wearing brown hush puppies on his feet.
The numbers you don't know about Roy Moore

2018 Gold Reed Award Winner

2018 Gold AAPC Pollie Award Winner

Gold AAPC Pollie Award Winner

Trey Ourso wins AAPC’s 2015 Campaign Strategist of the Year & Ourso Beychok Takes home 5 awards

Ourso Beychok awards Trey Ourso at 2016 Pollies

Trey Ourso accepting the Award from AAPC President Mark Mellman at the 2016 Pollie Awards & Conference

This year, Baton Rouge based Democratic direct mail and political consulting firm, Ourso Beychok, Inc., took home four awards at the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) Pollie Awards Ceremony held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The AAPC Pollie Awards are an annual gathering of political professionals to recognize the best of the best in the political consulting industry.

Trey Ourso was recognized with the Excellence Award as the 2015 Campaign Strategist of the Year for his work with Gumbo PAC during the Louisiana governor’s race. Ourso founded Gumbo PAC and served as the PAC’s chief strategist. Gumbo PAC’s mission was to oppose the election of US Senator David Vitter as Governor of Louisiana. The PAC employed a clever mix of traditional media (television, direct mail & billboards) with cutting edge digital targeting and advertising.

Ourso Beychok also took home a Gold Pollie Award for the “Stench” talking mailer they produced for Gumbo PAC, a Silver Pollie in the Logo category for the Anybody But Vitter (ABV) Sticker and Gumbo PAC was awarded a Silver Pollie in the Best Use of Humor category for the “Getting” television commercial which employed a crying baby and declared that “electing David Vitter would be a crying shame for Louisiana.”

“I am honored to be recognized by my peers for Gumbo PAC’s success. We assembled a great team of professionals and operated a modern campaign that stayed on message, never wavering from our mission.”

Trey Ourso

“We strive to make innovative direct mail pieces that can captivate the voting public in this technology driven age. These awards are proof that direct mail is still a wide-reaching and extremely effective marketing tool.”

Michael Beychok


Ourso Beychok, Inc. is a direct mail consulting firm specializing in persuasion direct mail.Trey Ourso and Michael Beychok combine years of political expertise with the practical knowledge gained from hundreds of campaigns to offer their clients sound strategic advice and award winning direct mail.


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